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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Christian ... Valentine's Day (Part 2)

I could not forget my first love on this day for lovers. I earnestly pray that I can find more intimacy in this relationship through 2009.


My Gift

What can I give you Lord?

That you don’t already have

With what can I repay You

For the gift of perfect love

Perhaps a lovely painting

A song or lilting verse

A dance or worship skit

A card or special note

Maybe a speech or a sermon

A prayer or kind deed

A compassionate hand

A thought of another

Yet nothing seems right

Not enough to express

Gratitude for all You’ve done

My thanks for grace and mercy

You have all that you wish

At Your beck and call

All heaven waits upon You

Nothing more You need

And so to You I offer

To please Your heart the most

On this day of showing love

I give you everything

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