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Saturday, February 14, 2009

wife ... Valentine's Day (Part 1)

Ten years ago today I met, in person for the first time, the man I would marry. We'd been talking on the phone and e-mailing for a couple months and planned a date for Valentine's Day. Now he lived almost four hours away from me, so this was a big deal.

However, in my typical impetuous style of the time, I canceled the date to go see another guy. As served me right, the other guy didn't follow through and I found myself home on Valentine's Day. Even though I'd canceled, he still came, and we ended up being politely kicked out of the restaurant because we didn't want to stop talking. A month later I drove down to see him, and I haven't left since.

A lot has happened in the past ten years; much more than I could write in verse. But here is a sample, and my gift to my husband on this day. Happy Valentine's Day, Larry.

Stay tuned for Part 2 later today ...


(The poem is structured to mean a year from Valentine's Day to Valentine's Day, ie. Feb. 14, 1999 to Feb. 14, 2000)

Ten Years (1999-2009)

Year 1 was a joy

We met and we married

Is it a girl or a boy

Which one do I carry

Year 2 our first child

Fussy and crying

Rarely we smiled

A year that was trying

Year 3 things were good

EQ passed our time

We progressed as we should

Soon our number would climb

Year 4 baby two

A sweet little one

Much more work than we knew

The gift of a son

Year 5 gave us strife

A lost job and deep fear

The reality of life

Shedding many a tear

Year 6 number three

Another little girl

There goes our family tree

Our life was a whirl

Year 7 brought unrest

Problems at work

Always we were stressed

Forever driven berserk

Year 8 new direction

Your dream coming true

Under God’s blessed protection

Your business debut

Year 9 things grew strong

For God we would search

Learning from what went wrong

We found a new church

Year 10 here we are

So much we have learned

In God we’ve made it this far

Toward Christ our eyes turned

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Beth said...

Awww...I love this one!