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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Christian writer ... Holy Sacrifice

Another of the poems inspired by that Saturday night marathon.


Crown of thorns

Nails pin Him to the tree

Holy sacrifice, sacred loss

Christ on the cross

The sky darkens

Thunder starts to sound

His eyes begin to gloss

Christ on the cross

At his pierced feet

Women and men stand

Mourning and distraught

Christ on the cross

So few believed

So few would listen

Will it all be for naught?

Christ on the cross

He came from heaven

To triumph over sin

To save us all from chaos

Christ on the cross

Guards jeer and laugh

For his garment

Lots they will toss

Christ on the cross

A leader of men

A Messiah for His people

Peace and love he taught

Christ on the cross

As a lamb to the slaughter

He has walked this road

The ultimate cost

Christ on the cross

He will rise again

Death cannot win

Our life He has bought

Christ on the cross

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1 comment:

Larry Swank said...

I know I said this already, but I love these, Holli. They're magnificent. It does my heart good to see you writing like this for Him.