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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Christian ... Holy Dew?

During the closing of our Bible study last night, we held hands in a circle to pray. My Mountain Dew Code Red happened to be sitting on the table we were around and Eric, our pastor, made the comment that we were praying around the Mountain Dew. From there, we decided it would be anointed, and much like holy water, except that it was Mountain Dew.

I couldn't help laughing during the prayer, and after we finished Eric asked if I was going to drink it now. Then followed up with, "We don't use oil; we use Mountain Dew!" The bottle of Code Red now sits in my refrigerator with a cross drawn on the cap with a marker. For some reason I feel like I should start pouring it into little vials and passing them out to friends at church.

In all seriousness, it had been a rough night til then, and I needed a good soul cleansing laugh. Thanks, Eric.

And no, I probably won't drink the rest until I get sick or something.

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Beth said...

That was just one of those things that I'm going to laugh about for a LONG time!!

Save some of the holy dew for me...just in case...

Holli Swank said...

Absolutely, Beth!