Wednesday, August 12, 2009

everything ... Down the Drain

Have you ever woken up refreshed and then realized you had way too much to try and do?

Yeah, that's me today. Here's the next four days in a nutshell:

  • probably wake up early when Larry leaves for Indianapolis to attend Gen Con with a friend
  • teach off and on through the day
  • drop off the kids at Grandma's around 4:00
  • grab dinner at McDonald's
  • do the weekly grocery shopping
  • get the groceries put away
  • wait for Larry to get home around 9:00
  • undoubtedly wake up early when Larry leaves again for Indy
  • pick up the kids
  • go to the library for our weekly visit
  • take Brianna back to Grandma's
  • referee the little two for the afternoon
  • cook dinner
  • greet Larry around 6:00
  • go to WVIHOP for Desire More service at 7:30
  • get home and put the kids to bed
  • get up around 8ish
  • go to HealingPointe
  • work at the garage sale from 9 AM-2 PM
  • come home
  • shower
  • (hopefully) rest the remainder of the Sabbath
  • SLEEP IN (I hope)
  • deliver Larry to his Emmaus meeting at 2 PM
  • find something to do with the kids until 4 PM
  • deliver Brianna to puppet practice at 4 PM
  • create the worship slides for the service
  • go buy dinner at 5 PM
  • pick up Larry from his meeting
  • head back to church for band practice
  • service at 6:00
  • talk after church for a while
  • come home and put the kids to bed
So, please pray that I can find the strength in Him that I need to get through my week. I'm already feeling zapped, and I know it's just Satan telling me I can't do it, but, man he's persuasive.

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