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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Christian mommy ... My Son, the Daredevil

So we're at church last night and about halfway through the children's church girl pokes her head in and says she needs Connor's mom and dad because he fell. No big, right? Then I see the blood on her hand.

We walk to the annex and hear Connor sobbing and walk into the bathroom where the pastor's wife is pulling off sheets of paper towel and holding them to the side of Connor's head. Not good.

She says it's his ear, and asks if we're okay to look, so I tell Larry to look, and he says it'll need to be stitched. It seems he's ripped that top part of the ear pretty good after being bumped into a concrete/brick pillar by a friend while they were running. So off to the hospital we go.

Larry goes back with him and comes out a little bit later, telling me and the girls it shouldn't be too long. Great. Spongebob comes on to entertain the girls, which is good, but I'm bored and still a little frazzled.

Here's the amazing thing: about an hour later, our church friends started rolling in. First the boyfriend of the girl who was doing children's church, then her, her dad, and her little brother (the friend who was playing with Connor when he got hurt). Then my brother. Then the pastor's wife. Even though they knew Connor would be okay, they came to support us.

This is a love I have never known. It was overwhelming to me, and then to Larry when we swapped places and he saw them all sitting out there. These people are our family now, and I am so thankful.

Also amazing to me: I have never gone to Wednesday service before and only went tonight because I thought we'd be going to look at a possible new building. Turns out I was needed for something else.

And my brother was possibly going to go with us in the van, but ended up taking his own car, which meant he could take me to the pharmacy while Larry got the kids to bed after we left the hospital, saving a good amount of time.

I am continually in awe of how He can make things work out when you just do what you're supposed to.

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