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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

pet owner ... This is My Life

I have four cats. I started with one back in 1999. Then two in 2006. Then three in 2008. Now, four in 2009. It won't get any bigger because I've discovered that changing litter boxes for so many cats is insane.

Anyway, I thought I would introduce you to my four kids with fur.

Ancalagon is my oldest cat. He's ten now and has slowed down considerably since we got him. He does still get rowdy though. He likes to bite quite a bit, and chase the laser pointer when we get it out. He's not much for getting involved in the chasing the other three participate in though.

We've had a couple scares with his health, but he always pulls through, kind of like the cat that refuses to go away. Not that I want him to go away. It will destroy me when he dies, even though I know it will happen someday, probably sooner than later.

I have to mention Luthien, my second cat, who I adopted in 2006. Her name was Holly in the pet store, so obviously I had to have her. She had to be put to sleep last October after liver problems. She was three.

Faith is affectionately known as our washing machine. She will wash anything; humans, cats, fuzzy toys, anything she feels is dirty. We got her in September of last year, and it really helped to soften to blow of losing Luthien. I really think that's why the Lord gave her to us. She was my birthday present.

Faith is Larry's favorite cat, because she's a loner. She leaves everyone alone until it's time for petting, and then she appears. At night she romps around with the other two young cats.

I got Aragorn last December. I'd said I wasn't going to get any more cats, but I went into Pet Smart one day and he was the last of his litter. And his name was Aragorn my favorite character from LOTR. He was almost five months old and so adorable. So he became my Christmas present!

Aragorn is a mama's boy. He lays in the bathroom with me every night while I take a bath and demands to be petted. If he leaves the room and forgets where I am, he cries pathetically until I call for him.

And finally, there's Megatron, AKA Meg. She's the baby, born in April of this year. She was the last the litter that Larry's aunt's stray had surprised her with. We went over to borrow a cooler for our party and there she was, shy and hiding. Once you got a hold of her she was very lovey though and would let you hold her forever. So, Meg became my anniversary gift. She's fit in very well here, and Aragorn is her very best friend. They chase each other all over during the night, making as much noise as they can.

So, those are my fuzzy babies. I'll keep you up to date on them as things happen. Meg's due to get fixed real soon, so that'll be fun. I hate taking them to the vet, and they feel about the same.

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jess said...

A cat lover, just passing through. Thanks for introducing us to your crew! Your kitties seem sweet! I know what you mean about changing cat litter for too many paws - seems as though its dirty right after you just cleaned it... if i can give any advice, take care of yourself! we eventually invested in an automatic litter box (a scoopfree, actually. and it helped me out - the box automatically self-cleans after kitty is done. (a big plus when kitties are in and out regularly). maybe this would be a plus for you all as well! Hope you and your kitty crew are well!