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Friday, September 4, 2009

Christian ... This is My Life

I found out a few days ago that my youngest brother, Randy, has decided to go on the Fall Emmaus Walk the end of the month. That also means I am his sponsor! There are good reasons why I need to be, and not my husband who is working the Walk, but I can't really go into detail here. Suffice to say, Randy will know why come that Sunday evening.

The Emmaus Walk is something I've been wanting to post about since I got back from mine in May, but I've never really known how. The experience defies description. It is like being wrapped in God's arms for three full days. The love of people and the love of God in that place is almost tangible.

I was terrified before I went. I would literally lay in bed at night and silently cry because I could not stand the thought of being away from my husband for three nights. I thought of all the worst things that could happen; if I got sick, if there was an accident at home, if there was a fire at the campground.

I posted about what happened the Monday before I left a while back here. Then Thursday came. Larry dropped me off and everyone sang to us as we walked off to have a late meal. (I found out later that Eric, my pastor, wondered if they'd made a mistake by asking me to go after seeing how miserable I was that evening.)

Friday was an up and down day. I was okay when I was busy doing something, but when I was just sitting at a meal or something, my stomach churned. Eventually, I took some Pepto and that helped, but the really big assistance came from one of the pastors there. We talked for about an hour or so that night and he clarified some things for me. As I walked back to my cabin, I felt like a HUGE weight had been lifted from me. The ladies I shared that cabin with were all joking when we got back and I slept very peacefully.

Saturday was probably the single most amazing spiritual day I have ever had. The profound moments just never stopped for me. I still swell with emotion any time I think about it. All vestiges of fright and worry were completely gone.

Sunday was great as well. The pride in my husband's eyes when I saw him that evening was very special. I had conquered my fears and done what I thought I couldn't. I came home a different person.

I pray that Randy will find the same clarity and joy in those days that I did. I also hope I can do as well for him as my husband did for me as a sponsor. He's very special to me, no matter how many problems we've had recently. It should be a fabulous four days!

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