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Friday, August 28, 2009

music fan ... This is My Life

Tuesday was the best day for a Christian music fan I can imagine. The following things came out on the 25th:
  1. Tobymac's single, 'City on Our Knees'
  2. Skillet's new album, Awake
  3. Casting Crowns new single, 'Until the Whole World Hears'
  4. Mark Schultz's new album, Come Alive
  5. Many other albums I am forgetting right now
The most exciting for me was the Skillet album. I first heard them on Yahoo! Music and then my brother, Randy, further introduced me to the album, Comatose. We shared some of their music while he was living with us, and then Larry and I went to see them in April. It was an incredible, "rock your face off" show where they announced the name of their new album. We pre-ordered it in July, expecting to receive it a couple days before the release date of Tuesday.

But we didn't.

Tuesday came and no album in the mail. I got onto the fan club website and found that several others were in the same predicament. I got mad, because of course my brother who hadn't pre-ordered just downloaded the album Tuesday morning. But then I realized it was just music, cool as it might be.

The album arrived yesterday and is awesome. I have been in love with the first two singles, 'Hero' and 'Monster', since we heard them previewed at the concert. My new favorites are 'Awake and Alive' and 'Believe'.

The Tobymac single had been a source of joy for me since I heard a clip of it just before the redio release on 8/14, and then every time I had heard it on the radio since. I love the change-up of style in this song and the message is a doozy.

'Until the Whole World Hears' was a surprise. I knew the album was planned for a November release, but the single hadn't been announced yet. It is a hit in my book, as Casting Crowns comes out swinging once again. There's no doubt what they're going for in this song.

So, in short, Holli is a very happy music listener right now. I'm hoping this is part of the jump start/rejuvenation I need.

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