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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

writer ... Isn't It Amazing?

Isn't it amazing what a little focus and excitement will do?

Larry and I started talking about a redesign of my website on Saturday night, which lead to a discussion of how my poetry could become a form of ministry. That got me a little excited and so since Sunday ...

  • I have created a Facebook page for my poetry
  • I have written three new poems and have the beginnings or subject matter of many more
  • Larry has "databasized" the website to allow me to update it
  • There is talk of a facelift for the website as well
I've got ideas of how to maybe reach out with a poetry contest for young people, but that needs time and prayer to be fleshed out.

Needless to say, the desert is behind me and I'm basking in the glory of my Savior again. How awesome is that?

EDIT: The poem count is now six! The words just flowed through me last night.

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