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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Christian writer ... Wilderness

For the last month or so, I've been feeling distant from God. I've seen flashes of Him in my life, but for the most part I have felt alone in the walk. It's been very difficult to keep going every day without feeling His hand on me lately. This poem poured from my heart onto the page as I cried out in despair.



Wasteland spread out before me
Desert as far as the eye can see
I long for water or any drink
I'm far too hungry to even think

Barren is the walk ahead
Solemnly forward my feet tread
Step by step I soldier on
Pressing on from dawn to dawn

I do not know how long I'll last
I feel as if I'm fading fast
My heart is faint and my will is weak
Will I ever find the place I seek?

Lord your beloved needs you now
I care not where, I care not how
Please show me the beauty of your face
And provide me with your boundless grace

Do not leave me all alone
With only sand and rock and stone
Please bring me back along your side
Lord please answer my desperate cry

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Beth said...

It reads like a modern version of the Psalms!

Larry Swank said...

She read your comment, and she was like, "No, Beth, don't say that." She still is stubborn about believing that what she writes is good.

What she writes is magnificent; it's a gift from the Lord, and maybe she'll accept it as such someday. =D