Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Christian writer ... Masterpiece

Larry is working on the redesign of my website, so I won't be putting new poems up there until that's done, but there's no reason I can't post them here!

As we prepare to start trekking through nature this spring, I was drawn to the thought of the breadth of His creation, and how it seamlessly fits together here.



Fields of wildflowers bloom
Brilliant colors, no sign of gloom
Your creation

Towering trees, oak and pine
Breathtaking natural design
Your creation

Spring brings hope, summer the sun
Fall shows color, winter snowy fun
Your creation

Animals of all shape and size
Incredibly beautiful in Your eyes
Your creation

The stars and moon in glorious night
Canvassing the sky with glowing light
Your creation

And Your most precious work of all
In some way, we each hear Your call
Your creation

Placed together on the Earth
Everything feeling its divine worth
Your creation

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Beth said...

This might be my favorite! (so far...)
I can see it being a song, too. :)