Monday, April 6, 2009

Christian writer ... Father

I started this during a thunderstorm, and it actually had a different tone to it in the beginning. I was steered to a more playful and light attitude as I continued though. The pieces I took out will probably become the centerpiece of another poem.



A streak of lightning across the sky
I turn to look, it's caught my eye
I smile and say hello to Dad
The greatest one I've ever had

I feel His hand from time to time
I hear His voice as I pen this rhyme
Sometimes I wonder why He cares
Why He listens to my prayers

The answer comes in a gentle tone
A message from Heaven's lofty throne
I made you just the way you are
How could you think I'd stray too far?

This is why I care my child
He says and softly smiles
You are part of my grand design
I care because you're mine

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