Sunday, April 12, 2009

Christian writer ... Arisen

This poem needs little introduction. It's Easter and Jesus is risen!



Dark and foreboding the walk
The devil himself seems to stalk
'We must go and tend to the Lord'
Their pain and grief stab like a sword

'He is not here!' they all exclaim
Their emotions becoming hard to tame
Tears begin to fall like rain
As they see where He had lain

A gardener works alone nearby
Mary begs as she continues to cry
'Tell us where they moved Him to
That we might take Him somewhere new'

The worker turns and looks at her
As she holds on tightly to the myrrh
He smiles and softly utters, 'Mary'
It is the man they came to bury

Jesus defeated death that day
And even though He couldn't stay
He watches us all from up above
Waiting to return in wrath and love

Do not let the day leave you unaware
It can change your life I swear
Break the chains, escape the prison
Our Savior is alive and risen!

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Beth said...

Amen! Happy Easter!