Monday, March 2, 2009

Christian writer ... Forgiven

Hooray for new poetry. This was written on Feb. 19th at the library while Brianna was at Girl Scouts. I'd had the idea for it bouncing around for a while, until finally just made myself sit down and write it. It's also on my website, if you want to read it after this post is buried.



His voice it came softly

Almost like a dream

"All is forgiven,

I love you my child"

I turned towards the sound

And asked, “How can that be?”

“All is forgiven

And I love you my child”

I turned away confused

Then looked back at His face

“But I cheated and lied.

I cursed and I swore.”

“I didn’t go to church

And I hurt so many people.

I hated and offended

And worst I hurt you.”

“I’ve sinned against you

For most of my life.

How can you accept me

After all I have done?”

He smiled at the question

With patience divine

“Because all is forgiven

And I love you my child.”

At last I understood

Peace rained down on me

Jesus forgives me

And I am His child

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Larry Swank said...

I don't know if I've told you this directly or not, but I want to get it on "paper" so to speak:

Your poetry just keeps getting better as you write more, which is saying a lot because it was fantastic to begin with. Keep it up, Love - God is definitely in this.