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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Christian writer ... Doubt

This was written at the same time as Forgiven. Again I'd had the idea for a while, but had to force myself to take time to write the poem out.



Why should I believe

I said to myself

If He exists He doesn’t care

He’s just put me on a shelf

Trials and pain

So much of my life

How could Christ

Allow so much strife

“You should believe,

Because you know I am here.”

This voice rings out

So crystal clear

“My life has been hell!”

I cry to the wind

“Why haven’t I seen you,

Where have you been?”

“No life is easy.

Take a look at mine.

I spoke to deaf ears

Who sent me to die.”

I paused and nodded

“Then why would you want me

After what I said

And refused to bend my knee?”

“Because I see your heart.

I’ve accepted you,

And forgiven your sins.

Now you accept me too.”

“I will Lord

In all I do.

I will seek.

I will be true.”

My doubt is gone

Absent from my heart

I accept you, Christ

And receive a new start

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