Sunday, February 1, 2009

Christian writer ... Slave

This is the last of the poetry conceived on that Saturday evening. One iteration of a line in this poem was actually born close to three years ago and has lain dormant since. I was just waiting for the right place to use it, and now that place has been found. It is mostly autobiographical, as I have struggled with depression and darkness in my life for as long as I can remember.


How long is this road

It feels like forever

I’ve been walking in shadows

Just wishing for light

Any object would do

A sun or a star

A flashlight, a candle

Please, anything bright

For years now it seems

Enslaved, captive and bound

My soul imprisoned by Satan

My life such a fright

Sinning and hating

Doing everything wrong

Nothing positive in me

Nothing clean, just, or right

But, now, something is changing

Could it be that I’m not what I thought

Could there be hope for me still

Beyond the anger and spite

I see peace, I see love

But … this cannot be

I’m too far gone

I’m a horrible sight

“God loves and takes care of you.”

Is that what He said?

This man standing near me

Dressed in robes of pure white

I drop to my knees

As the tears start to fall

Unable to argue

Unable to fight

Gently He holds me

As I relay the whole tale

Then He looks in my eyes

I feel a fire ignite

This feeling I have

Of redemption, release

I must spread the news

I need to excite

I must let them know

About what He can do

About all of His wonders

His power and might

I wandered for ages

With no hope to be found

Believing I had no worth

And evil all I invite

But just look at me now

After finding the Lord

By Christ’s mercy and grace

I’ve been freed from the night

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