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Monday, February 9, 2009

Christian ... Quite a Year

We've been going to HealingPointe Community Church for a full year now. It doesn't seem like it could have been that long, but I checked the handouts and February 9, 2008 was our first visit. I'll never forget leaving that service with an electricity and excitement coursing through me. We sang 'I Am Free' by the Newsboys that night, the official theme song of the Swanks at the time (thanks Frank and Beth!), and Eric was precisely the kind of pastor we'd been searching for. God was clearly in that place.

Over the past twelve months, we've helped move the church to a new building, made friends with a bevy of people, and most importantly, found the Lord. Never before had we heard a pastor say the things Eric is willing to say, sung the songs that Frank and Beth lead us in, or palpably felt the presence of God. It has been a wonderful place to grow.

Now, that's not to say it's been without periods of unhappiness. As happens in every family, there have been disagreements, clashes of personality, and even a time where I stayed away from church to regroup. The important thing though is that it never lasted. We are solid in the church and fully behind the direction we're headed.

And so, today I say thank you. Thank you, Eric and Amy, for everything you've done, even the things that hurt. Thank you, Frank and Beth, for leading us in a joyful noise every week to please the Lord. Thank you, God, for placing us among these people, this group of friends, brothers and sisters steeped in the Word and walking with You.

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1 comment:

Beth said...

You're welcome!

We are so glad to have you AND your family at HP. Aren't we superbly blessed to have such a great church family? And awesome pastors, too...I think I've learned more in the past 2 years from Eric and Amy than the rest of my life.