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Thursday, January 29, 2009

woman ... A Little Flakey

We woke up yesterday to about ten inches of snow on the ground. Yay. So we expected to be plowed out by the complex. Big mistake. Mind you, we pay them over $1000 a month for rent, but when I called to find out when we were getting plowed, they said, "We got the main roads, so you're on your own with everything else." Uh, what?????

Well, we didn't have a snow shovel, so things seemed somewhat bleak. Randy was stuck in the parking lot and we had a huge snow drift against our garage door. Eventually, Randy, Larry and I used plywood to get Randy's car semi-free, and pushed it the rest of the way.

Our youngest cat, Aragorn (I'll post a picture at the bottom), was in need of some medicine from the vet, and obviously we needed to BUY a shovel, so off Randy and I went on our little trek. We fairly uneventfully reached the vet's office, and then set off for Aldi. An accident drove us to detour, which drove us to what should have been our second stop, Big Lots. Shockingly, they had not plowed their lot. At all. So that stop was out.

We backtracked to Aldi, who had plowed maybe 1/4 of their lot and got what we needed. Next we made our way down to Wal-Mart to finish Randy's grocery shopping and buy a snow shovel. Except they were sold out. SOLD OUT. Grrrrr.

So, we backtracked again to Lowes and FINALLY found a shovel. Which peed on Randy and I with this rust colored liquid that we never really want to be identified. We drove back home and dug out a spot for him to park so he could leave again when necessary and cleared the sidewalk. I had planned to do the driveway, but the running around had drained my energy at the time. I ended up doing it about 3:30 just in case we needed to leave with a child or Larry got more sick. My hips, back and legs have made me pay for that decision.

As I sit here writing this, thinking about the hilarity of our trip; snow flying off the top of the car, burning rubber to get through snow, running a red light that wouldn't drop for us, we must have looked like a couple flakes laughing hysterically in the car. Hence the title. Hooray for double meanings!


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