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Friday, January 30, 2009

Christian writer ... Transfixed

I was reading the poetry I've been writing, and I realized that much of it had a decidedly dark or melancholy tone. So I challenged myself to write something full of praise and glory for the Lord. The result is what follows.


Snow falls

Shimmering in the street light

I stand on my balcony

Praising God for this sight

Sound is muted

And a sensation of peace

I close my eyes and pray

This feeling won't cease

Thunderstorm rages

The sky is ablaze

Night becomes day

You continue to amaze

With each passing moment

Your power is clear

Lightning and thunder

Only wonder, not fear

Brilliant sunlight

Cascades down from above

Clouds are scarce

Warmth and proof of your love

So much of His beauty

Do I see coming through

An opportunity not many take

For a heavenly view

Sinking low in the sky

The sun provides a show

Gorgeous colors only you can paint

The evening horizon aglow

I am transfixed, Lord

By all your earthly works

If we only stop to look

It's one of life's perks


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