Thursday, November 13, 2008

woman ... Ouch!

Larry and I bought Wii Fit on Monday and have been using it everyday. So far my weight has dropped and my BMI as well. But boy, do I hurt! I never thought that a video game workout could be so serious. Currently I do about 30 minutes a day of yoga, balance exercises, aerobics, and a tiny bit of strength training.

The exercises that seem to be kicking my butt are Hula Hoop and most of the balance games. I'm good at Ski Jump and some of the yoga. It took me a while to get used to Step, but now I'm doing really well. I tried Advanced Step this morning and got quite confused in the middle.

I'm looking forward to this winter and seeing how well I can do between Wii Fit and the SlimFast diet. I'm hoping that by spring I can be 40 or so pounds lighter. That's be nice!

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