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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Christian ... Out of the Blue - from October 17, 2007

The final re-post from my old blog. Thanks for obliging and hopefully I can continue posting regularly!


We were on our way to Kansas City on Friday when I suddenly saw a huge cross beside the road. Larry had seen it before and forgotten to mention the Cross at the Crossroads before, so we decided on our way home we’d stop.

We did just that on Monday afternoon, a cool, very windy afternoon. The Welcome Center was very cozy with a lot of windows, couches and souvenirs. We watched a movie that showed the assembly of the Cross, and were lead into the newly dedicated Chapel. The view of the Cross from within the Chapel was spectacular. I honestly would like to renew our vows there in 2009 for our ten year anniversary.

Next we actually walked out to the Cross itself. It is surrounded by displays of the Ten Commandments, which each have audio to accompany them. Erin ran around pushing all the buttons so we didn’t get to hear all of them, but they seemed to be suggestions for ways to keep the Commandments in this modern world.

I felt pretty crummy on Monday after the weekend, but seeing the cross lifted my spirits a bit. As I said, I’m pretty sure I’d love to have our renewal ceremony in the Chapel, under the shadow of the 198 ft. Cross. I look forward to going back to buy some souvenirs and enjoy the Cross again sometime alone with Larry when we can spend more quality time. I’m glad to see that there is something like this out there. It is a reminder to those of us who are suffering a little dip in our faith, and for those who have not found Jesus yet, perhaps it will be a beacon of light for them.

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