Thursday, October 30, 2008

pet owner ... Cats are Just Kids with Fur

I saw a cute hand painted sign that said just that once many years ago, and it has proven to be true. I thought since I told you about our cat that we lost on Monday that I would introduce you to our two other furry children.

We have had Ancalagon, A.K.A. Beans, since September 1999. We got him from a customer whose computer Larry had fixed while he was working for IBM at that time. I had seen him when he was three days old and bugged Larry endlessly until he relented and let me bring him home. He's a feisty cat, who growls and nips at people, especially strangers. He once chased away an apartment maintenance man while we were gone soon after we moved this past June.

Faith has only been a part of our family for about two months. Larry bought her for me for my birthday on September 4th. She was advertised as loving to snuggle, but we've found that to be dubious. She is a very playful cat, and has re-energized Ancalagon as they romp and play together at night. The other interesting thing about Faith is how she absoultely LOVES to wash other cats. Luthien wouldn't allow it, but Ancalagon has given up and gets his bath every night. Sometimes things get rowdy and we have to break them up, but for the most part she does a good job of cleaning her brother.

We are now convinced that Faith came into our lives to soften the blow of losing Luthien. She has made the transition easier and gives us a little kitten girl to love on when we miss our other fuzzy baby. She is a blessing from the Lord, appropriately named before we even knew what was coming.

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