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Friday, October 31, 2008

Christian ... Wow! - from October 7, 2007

For the next few days I'm going to repost things I wrote on my former blog, both because I think they're worthy of repeating, and to spruce them up in this new format. With that said, here goes ...


I hadn’t intended for my first post here to be about my faith, but the Lord sometimes has other plans! My faith has been shaky lately. I freely admit that, and to say lately I mean from about June until the present. I’ve had good days where I felt close to God and everything was wonderful, but more often I felt like I was walking through the proverbial desert. I seemed to be making less and less progress in my daily Bible reading, nothing was sticking, and eventually I just quit altogether.

I talked to Larry about this, and he suggested that since the Old Testament I was mired in wasn’t connecting with me that perhaps I should try starting fresh with the Gospels. Made sense, so I did, and I am now almost through Matthew. My reading for today is actually the crucifixion and resurrection which pleases me. Having Inspired by The Bible Experience to listen to as I read is a big boost too.

However, the biggest jolt for me came today in the form of an e-mail from my little brother. He’s out in Kansas City, home of the International House of Prayer, following a calling from the Lord. We’ve become closer recently and he is, along with Larry, a big piece of my spiritual safety net. The e-mail he sent me contained a link to a YouTube video, and boy was I in for a surprise! He’d said it touched his spirit deeply, but for me it went beyond that. I was moved to tears, multiple times during multiple viewings, as I watched a skit, set to a Lifehouse song. It depicts the struggle we all go through as Christians to come back to God, fighting off the temptations of this world and how difficult that can be. The video can be found below, and I only hope it resonates with you as it did with me.

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